Award Winning Interior Design Studio

Our design studio has been awarded worldwide. We have a design award at the design center – in Milan. We are proud that our works have been exhibited in some of the largest cities in the world. With over 200 clients coming from 5 continents of the world.

The Uncube Design Center is located in Chicago, and is responsible for operations in most places on the American continent. We also have a representative office in Europe, in Serbia, which is responsible for that part of the world. Our clients are everyone, from individuals to large private companies. There is no unimportant project. There is no job we can’t finish.

Sandra Radosin design assistant

Sandra Radosin

Design assistant

Interior design technical assistant

Dimitrije Davidovic design interrior industrial dizzajners

Dimitrije Davidovic

Creative Director

Worldwide awarded designer and innovator.

Emilija Djokic

Emilija Djokic


M. Arch. and interior designer

Marija Jocic Architect

Marija Jocic


M.Arch. and interior designer

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