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Interior Architecture and Popular Styles

Interior architecture has changed throughout history and was mostly determined by the way of life, social position, property status, etc. Today, the situation is a little different and mostly everything depends on the users of the space – what they like and where they feel most comfortable. The space adapts to each homeowner thanks to the ideastools and techniques offered by interior design. Contemporary interior architecture the effects rousing new world culture, and unit designs that integrate an all global influences alike.There are many unique styles in interior design, some are completely different, while some complement each other. Through practice, there are also cases of combining elements of several different styles to achieve an ideal living environment. Otherwise, it is very difficult to single out the most common used styles because the needs of users and tastes are very different, but we tried to single out the 5 very popular styles that appear in interiors around the world.



Minimalist styleAs a concept of minimalism, we can take the sentence “less is more” by the world famous architect Mies Van Der Rohe. The main feature of this style is the most functional and open space. It’s also, characterised by simplicity, clean lines, flat, smooth surfaces without ornamentals and geometric shapes which exude elegantly. 

Modern minimalist interiors use a monochromatic palette that are easy to work with, including white, beige, black and gray. If you are still a fan of colors, when decorating a minimalist interior, you can also use pastel colors used as an accentsuch as mint, peach color, etc. Wall decorations such as wallpaper and relief are not recommended. 




Industrial styleIndustrial interior design is based on an open space with high ceilings. The main characteristics are visible building elements that we normally hide in the living space, such as bare pipes for ventilation, heating. The point is in the accents of completely raw materials – rusty metal, woodbrick, concrete. High ceilings as a synonym of industrial design come from huge industrial halls and factories that have been turned into apartments. Old brick, concrete, steel girders are the  details that actually give a real industrial touch to an  environment. That is why in these interiors, we can single out earthy colors and neutral tones (like all shades of gray) that imitate these “industrial” materials.  As accents and an integral part of the industrial style, we can also single out large metal chandeliers, spotlights and lamps, as well as light bulbs with visible cables.



Scandinavian style Scandinavian style in interior design is becoming an increasingly current trend in contemporary architecture. It is defined by simplicitypure form, and irresistible elegance.  Natural lighting plays a key role in designing a space in this style. The space is minimally equipped with furniture which emphasizes the spaciousness. White color dominates this style, which is logical considering that it best reflects light. Also, in order not to obscure the natural light curtains are generally non-existent, while those used in the interior are white, almost transparent or light. To add contrast to the interior, color accents are applied, it can be a piece of furniturepillowspaintings framed by a thin black frame or small decors that complete the space. Scandinavian style connects the ambience with nature, so the use of natural wood is inevitable in this design. Furniture and  floors are made of wood mostly light tones.To add warmth to this space, textile accents are usedsuch as woolen rugs, artificial animal fur, etc.                               

It can also be said that the Scandinavian style is the definition of the interior with the use of quality natural materials, ergonomics and aesthetics that accompany the function.



Rustic styleThe rustic style of interior design is very diverse and  easily recognizable. Wooden beams on the ceiling, rough-hewn woodenly or stone cladding on the wall or floor, are the  main features of this style. Perfectly fit the design of a country house, cottage, but also modern apartments. Rough stone fireplace, as the main accent is an unmistakable choice when decorated in this style. The rustic style of interior design creates a warm, comfortable, cozy, and very interesting ambience. Natural materials in their original form such as stone, brick and wood combined with natural textiles such as leather, linen and wool give warmth to the space.The color palette that is most suitable for decorating in this style is usually light tones because they create a good combination with the colors of natural materials.




Urban modern styleUrban modern style in interior design is very outstanding and modern in the arrangement of city apartments and lofts. In the urban modern style, everything is about creating a comfortable, calm, and well-arranged interior that  contains the charm of everyday life. This style puts equal focus on comfort and brilliant design. It is a combination of different interior design styles. It can be defined as a style influenced by industrial and contemporary design. Roughly processed wood, steel or brick, combined with neutral and pastel colors and comfortable furniture are the embodiment of this style. The seating furniture is mostly massive but also elegant and monochrome. Accents wich is added to make a contrast is such as brightly colored pillows, mirrors, interestingly designed pieces of furniture, a combination of gold or silver metals on furniture.