Modern apartment dining table glass chairs mirror
Modern apartment dining table glass chairs mirror
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Deluxe Apartment

Datejun 2020
LocationNis, Serbia

Our Solutions

This apartment is intended for a family with two children. It is divided into day and night part. The night part contains a bathroom and two bedrooms equipped to be suitable for a couple with two children.
Another in a series of apartments for people with a strong personality. The wide entrance area was used for wardrobe space. While the long room has been converted into a living room with a dining area. The living room has very little daylight, so at the opposite end of the room there is a metal installation with mirrors so that the light is reflected in that part of the room. As for lighting, the living room is lit by central blue lighting, with additional ambient lighting in the form of a floor lamp. Above the dining table is central lighting. The bedrooms are centrally lit and each bed has its own reading lamp.