Cottage design

DateMay 2021
Location Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Our Solutions

For the interior design of the living room, cladding in wooden decor, white and brick color was used. The cover on the wall behind the TV consists of 5 parts with indicated divisions, it is white, in high gloss. The chest of drawers under the TV is in high-gloss white, lined with ladders on the front. It has a built-in burner for a bio fireplace. The open shelves are in matt wood decor, while the closed ones are in brick color with a matte finish. White strips and shelves are framed with ice strips. Rail adjustable reflectors in white were used for lighting, and in one part there are black static ones. Ikea’s black lamp fits perfectly with another lighting because its design is adapted to other products used in this interior. The corner sofa is dark gray, while a brick-colored fabric is chosen for the armchair, which, combined with the shelves in the same shade, makes the space warmer. Models in black metal were chosen for the club table and they are connected to the curtains made of ladders that are placed next to the glass door and are in charge of the dynamism of the interior. The suspended ceiling covers 80% of the space, one part is white, while the other is covered with wooden decor. There is ambient hidden lighting around them. In the living room, there is also a closet for storing things, which is cut in the middle with decorative shelves. It extends to the ceiling, where there is a rotating opening intended to cover the air conditioner. One part of the wall and ceiling behind the set is light gray. The shade of light gray color gives the space warmth and complements it.