Modern luxury living room metal decoration
Deluixe apartment armchair lamp plants
Luxury dining room glass table light paintings
Gold Picture black frames LED lighting lower ceiling
Deluxe luxury apartment black framed bed
Bedroom bathroom king sized bed black frame jacuzzi
Luxury white tiles jacuzzi bathroom bedroom
Luxury white tiles jacuzzi bathroom bedroom

Jacuzzi apartment

DateJanuary 2020
LocationChicago, USA


Our Solutions

Apartment number 5 is designed to please the most selective clientele. The space is divided into two open space zones. Sleeping and living area. The bedroom includes a sleeping area, a relaxation area as well as a enjoyment area with a Jacuzzi tub and a shower. The living area is divided by a metal partition, which does not disturb the view of observers, but only imaginatively creates a transition from the dining room to the living area. The whole apartment is equipped with professionally selected furniture that completes the whole space in terms of design. During the evening the apartment gets a special charm. Suspended ceilings with lighting located in the living and sleeping area as well as specially made lighting above the jacuzzi. The kitchen is in a separate part so that the smells from the kitchen do not spread throughout the apartment. The general impression is that the apartment is designed to be a place of rest, with a high degree of pleasure for all who stay in it.