cabin slovenia living room bled cozy design
cabin slovenia living room bled cozy design
cabin slovenia living room bled cozy design

Modern Cabin Living Room

DateJanuary 2021
Location Bled, Slovenia

Our Solutions

This living room is part of the cabin located next to the lake in a natural environment. With the initial design of the cabin, we got a space that is completely glazed with sloping windows at the front. We used this to the maximum to allow the flow of nature through the interior space. With the applied materialization, a pleasant ambience in muted tones was created. Daylight is a key factor that couldn’t be left out, and which contributes to the connection between indoor and outdoor space. At night, a special ambience is created by hidden lights, as well as central lighting in the form of artichoke, which with its design leaves an impression of elegance, but also breaks down the barrier between external nature and interior design. The hanging armchair, which is an integral part of the living room, is also in charge of that, and without it, the space would not be completed. That is why this special detail is placed there, in order to achieve the desired effect, because everyone is used to seeing it in the yard, and in fact inside the building it can look even better.
The specificity of this task has enabled us to adapt the design to human with the applied elements, geometry, lighting and materials. The feeling it should create is maximum comfort for the people staying in the facility.