Natural House

DateDecember 2019
Location Norrbotten, Sweden

Our Solutions

The reduced design, well-lit space, as well as high-quality materials give this interior a dose of elegance and luxury. No superfluous details in the interior of the Scandinavian design with moderate colours and warmth of wood. Open space design, with living room and dining area, enriched with green wall.

Good design is not just a good choice of quality furniture. good design is the functionality of the space and the understanding of the environment. The facility is located in mostly cold conditions, the client wanted to open simply with a view of nature. We made it possible for him with a specially made frame and glass filled with gas, which is a good insulator – with argon. In order to give the space even more warmth, and at the same time keep the modern line, a gas fireplace was made for the client, which follows the shape of the wall. The whole space is well insulated and only natural materials that do not endanger human health were used in the interior.

The area where this weekend house was built is mountainous and rocky. In order not to destroy nature, we let a part of the rock enter the bedroom, and bring nature into the home. We installed a green wall of natural ivy, moss and ferns around the rock. In addition to all this, the room features large glass panels that give us a phenomenal view of the horizon.


Large glass surfaces give people in this space the feeling that you are in nature, but with all the comfort and warmth of home.