Commercial Design

Commercial design is quite different from residential design, in that unlike the other here we have to design the space to suit a large number of people. The first item in commercial design is to be functional. It is important that people have no problems when moving, sightseeing, shopping or having lunch at the facility. Everything must be available to them. The big thing is the choice of colors and materials, they must be suitable for all ages from children to the elderly and people with disabilities. The design of the facility itself attracts people to become users of your services. Good design has been proven to increase sales and demand by an incredible 40%.

Our team in this case pays attention to the technical aspect of design, everything must be ideal. After the technical things are done, construction works take place, which are under daily supervision by our experts from the field. We perform works with a minimal difference between the conceptual design and the performed condition. Accuracy over 90%.

commercial luxury lobby interior design modern hotel
luxury lobby modern lighting ceiling