VR experience

This is additional content for our clients. Those who do not want to stay only on 3D renderings of their space, but want a new experience. A new experience in interior design in the world.
We use virtual reality to show the interior to the client. He gets the opportunity to walk freely in his new interior, before the interior is physically made!
The client gets the opportunity to see every piece of furniture, floor texture, wall color, carpets in their future home.
He is free to go through all the rooms in his interior and discuss with us live and draw conclusions in order to correct what does not fit.

Virtual Reality is the technology of the 21st century, based on positioning users in a previously prepared virtual space. The user gets all the freedom to move in that imaginary space and do whatever he wants. Perceiving space in VR is much easier for the user’s brain, especially for people who have no previous experience in the perception of 2D images.

women using virtual reality goggles headset