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Smart Home System

Nowadays, when everything works too fast, when we have too many tasks to complete on daily basis, every time saving is significant so that we can enjoy leisure activities. Have you ever thought about controling all your home appliances from one place? Not so long ago, this was conceivable only for futuristic movies, but today it is possible to make it happen in your home as well.

It’s a technology called Internet of Things, and it will turn your house into a Smart House that you can manage from your Smart Phone. IoT technology makes all devices that can be connected to the network and thanks to sensors that collect, send and exchange information, all with the aim of automation and integrated management that are guided by one click.

It consists of modules, ie. Wireless components, which are independent and allow users to upgrade the system as needed. It can be:

  • Lighting control modules­
  • Central modules
  • Menagement modules
  • Smoke and Temperature sensors
  • Detectors for doors, windows, water and flood
  • Alarms, cameras, door lock and various security systems
  • Televisions, Laptops, Personal Computers or game consoles
  • Kitchen and bathroom items

You can control these devices with your personal phone or computer, but also with a special remote control or even with your voice.

smart home technology

Installing a smart home is relatively cheap for some elements, but there are also those that require serious investments of money, such as e.g. some advanced security cameras. The biggest savings in the Smart Home system are related to heating and air conditioning management. The savings are even greater when it comes to large systems and facilities.

Smart buildings are not just facilities that are automated by certain systems to function. Buildings are smart only when adapt to the current activities, habits and lifestyle of those who spend time there, while achieving energy efficiency. The smart system in the building will monitor the intensity of daylight, the outside temperature, the presence of people in the premises, and will accordingly form optimal conditions for living and working. This will avoid unnecessary waste of energy.

The task fulfilled by system of smart devices is to archive comfort and quality of life for users, but also energy saving, which is very important for consumers, especially for large plants.