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Virtual Reality in interior design

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. In this case we simulate completely accurate presentation of Your space, before changes are made in reality. We made all space in 3D software, then we optimise that 3D solution and export it to VR headset. After putting the gear on your head, your virtual tour of the designed space starts.

How to understand space if You are not a 3D person?

In order to be able to fully understand space, you must be in that space. Walk in space.

This is where the problem arose  when it comes to interior design.
How to be in a space that hasn’t even started on a construction site?
This is where the latest technology comes in, this is where VR technology comes in.

VR technology allows you to be in your future space, to see colours, furniture, to walk through your space.
A lot of clients can’t visually comprehend and perceive a 2D image, a render that studio design offers them, and then there is disagreement when the project comes to an end. 

You can see some of our render presentation here.

To prevent this, we use VR technology in the design to present your space in a credible and realistic way.
Our team, together with you, goes through all phases of the project, from the initial sketch through the mood-board all the way to a 3D view of your space.

You can see some examples of interior design presented in Virtual technology here.

You will enjoy the view of your new home. Desire for a new space will increase when you enter the amazing world of technology.

Let our team make this amazing journey possible for you!